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The Ancient American World The Ancient American World: Reviews

(New York: Oxford University Press, 2005. ISBN 0195174658)

“The Ancient American World by William Fash and Mary E. Lyons (Oxford, 2005, Oxford University Press) uses a wide variety of primary sources to tell the story of the native cultures that have existed in the Americas for thousands of years. Interesting sidebars, maps, illustrations (of then and now), and a time line complement this great overview of life among the Aztec, Inca, Maya, and Olmec.” COPYRIGHT 2005 Cobblestone Publishing, Co.


Elaine Wick (Children's Literature)
This accomplished team of authors, a scholar of ancient history and an author of historical books and fiction for children, provide readers with well researched information that reads like a fascinating story of our world and follows the lives of rulers, priests, explorers or children who make up real history. Based on up-to-date research and through vivid language, students will explore right along with the experts as they learn about archeology and the cultures of Mesoamerica and the Andean regions of South America, connecting geography, timelines and cultures through sidebar information, maps and photographs. Follow archeologist Ann Cyphers through her digs, or One Earthquake in his important Zapotec chieftain work, or Tahtli, an Aztec warrior, and his family in their typical lifestyle. The style of the book provides an exciting approach to absorbing history and its context in relation to our world today. The book is one in the series, “The World in Ancient Times.” The bibliography and websites are rich resources, and include primary sources and an index. There is an accompanying comprehensive teaching guide that includes recommendations for working with primary sources, critical thinking questions, social sciences activities and reading/ language arts activities. (ISBN 0-19-517900-5). There is also a challenging Student Study Guide to help students access the text. (ISBN 0-19-522163-X). The package of three books offers an outstanding set of teaching/learning tools for teachers and students; the book alone stands out as a highly readable source for anyone, child or adult, who is curious about these important civilizations. 2005, Oxford University Press, $32.95. Ages 10 up.

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